Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo 60g

Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo is a revitalizing hair treatment designed to nourish and prepare your hair for optimal cleansing.


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Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo is a revitalizing hair treatment designed to nourish and prepare your hair for optimal cleansing.

Enriched with a unique blend of natural ingredients, this pre-shampoo treatment is formulated to enhance the health and vitality of your hair from root to tip.


Key Ingredients:

Cocoa Butter: Known for its deep moisturizing properties, cocoa butter helps soften and hydrate the hair, promoting a smoother texture and reducing frizz.

Coconut Oil: Packed with essential fatty acids, coconut oil strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage and promoting overall hair health.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E nourishes the scalp and helps protect hair from environmental damage, leaving it looking healthier and shinier.

Olive Oil: Rich in vitamins and minerals, olive oil adds a natural luster to the hair, promoting strength and manageability.

Keratin: This protein helps fortify the hair structure, improving elasticity and resilience.



Deep Hydration: Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo provides intense moisture to dry and damaged hair, leaving it feeling silky and hydrated.

Strengthens and Protects: The blend of coconut oil and keratin works together to strengthen the hair shaft, reducing the risk of breakage and damage.

Nourishes the Scalp: Vitamin E and olive oil combine to nourish the scalp, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth and minimizing dandruff.

Improves Manageability: The unique formula of this pre-shampoo treatment enhances the hair’s natural texture, making it more manageable and easier to style.

Adds Shine: With the enriching properties of cocoa butter and olive oil, this pre-shampoo treatment adds a natural, healthy shine to your hair, leaving it looking radiant.


How to Use:

1. Apply to Dry Hair: Before shampooing, apply a generous amount of Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo to dry hair, ensuring even coverage from roots to ends.

2. Massage In: Gently massage the product into your scalp and through the lengths of your hair, paying special attention to areas prone to dryness or damage.

3. Leave for 10-15 Minutes: Allow the treatment to penetrate the hair for 10-15 minutes. This time allows the nourishing ingredients to deeply moisturize and condition your hair.

4. Shampoo and Condition as Usual: Rinse the pre-shampoo treatment thoroughly, then proceed with your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.

5. Use Weekly: For best results, incorporate Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo into your hair care routine on a weekly basis to maintain optimal hair health and shine.


Experience the transformation as Palmer’s Pre-Shampoo prepares and pampers your hair, leaving it looking and feeling revitalized.

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