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About Us

Welcome to Loc 'n Roll! We're all about embracing natural beauty and celebrating uniqueness. It all started when I said, "No more!" to society's expectations and embraced my natural hair with a big chop. From that moment, there was no turning back.

I'm Shireesh Christians, the proud owner of Loc 'n Roll. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, I've been rocking the New Zealand vibe for nine years now. Growing up, I thought I had to conform to the straight hair trend, surrounded by beautiful girls in Model C schools. But one day, my hair rebelled and became lifeless. That's when I decided it was time to show my true authentic self.

Enter "Fran the Fro"! I welcomed her into my life with open arms, and she became a part of my unique repertoire. At Loc 'n Roll, we believe everyone should have the freedom to express their true selves and embrace their natural beauty. That's why we're passionate about empowering the younger generation to love themselves from an early age. We're not just about hair care products, though.

As a community we are also here to help guide the younger generation, instilling self-acceptance and confidence so they never feel the need to conform to narrow beauty standards. Let's create an environment where young individuals can confidently celebrate their diverse hair textures and identities. With our curated selection of hair care products, styling tools, and accessories tailored for textured hair, we're here to support your natural hair journey.

We'll provide valuable resources, tips, and advice to help you embrace and maintain your beautiful locks. Together, let's create a space where the younger generation feels inspired, encouraged, and celebrated. Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery, self-love, and embracing our authentic selves.

Let's celebrate the beauty of diversity and empower our younger generation to embrace their unique beauty right from the start. With love and curls,

Shireesh Christians
Owner, Loc 'n Roll

12 Months: From Undercut to Afro - My Natural Hair Journey!

Hair Transformation Journey

My own personal 12-month hair journey where I transformed from a full head undercut to a fabulous afro, all without
chemicals, relaxers, or colors. Discover my switch to natural hair care products free from parabens and sulfates. 

Get ready for a funky hairvolution!Breaking Free – Goodbye Undercut! I embraced my hair’s authenticity by letting go of the undercut and allowing it to grow naturally.

Nurture Naturally – I cared for my locks using natural ingredient-based products, saying no to parabens and sulfates for healthier hair.

The Bold Afro – My hair blossomed into a vibrant and voluminous afro, a symbol of self-love and acceptance.

Beyond Appearance – My journey went beyond looks as I prioritised overall well-being and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals.This exciting hair odyssey taught me the beauty of natural care and self-acceptance. 

By ditching chemicals and embracing my afro, I found freedom, individuality, and a stronger connection to the world. Join me on this liberating journey of hair transformation!